UH System Logotypes

A logo or logotype is the visual representation of an organization. It is a signature or symbol that can be used in place of the organization’s name. Generally, a logo can be a mark, a symbol or a logotype. A logotype, also known as a wordmark, is the company or product name in a particular style, customized font, spacing, color, etc. The University of Houston System logo can also be called a logotype or wordmark because it is formatted as specifically stylized typed words.

The University of Houston System logotype is the graphic depiction of the “University of Houston System” in a type format.

Primary Logo

Secondary Logo

UH System Seal

University seals are traditionally used to represent the University’s official signature on important, legal, financial and academic documents. It is a revered symbol used to represent the name of the University and give it weight and historical context, as a coat-of-arms would represent a family name.

The UH System seal was created expressly for the UH System in 2011. Although it has the same center coat of arms as the UH Seal, to make it recognizable the outer rings have been updated with new decorative treatments and modern fonts that easily combine with the fonts and branding of all UH System universities. According to historical accounts, the symbols in the central area of the UH System seal reflect the coat of arms of General Sam Houston. The seal is an official, trademarked academic symbol of the University of Houston. It is not to be used interchangeably with any other mark or logo.


For more information regarding the use of UH System logos and branding, please refer to the following section.

Rules About Using the UH System Logotypes and Seal

  1. As an official symbol of the University, the UH System logotypes and seal should not be manipulated, modified or appended in any way. It may NOT be placed next to or combined with any other text, image, UH System or university logo or any other organization’s logo.

  2. The UH System logotypes and seal can only be used to represent the UH System, especially in instances where more than one system university or teaching center is being represented or when conducting UH System business. Unless the UH System Seal is being used by the President’s or Chancellor’s Office, request approval or feedback from the AVC/AVP for UH Marketing & Communication or their designee (i.e. the Executive Director of Marketing & Branding) before using the seal. You can achieve this by contacting the Office of University Marketing & Communications at branding@uh.edu.

  3. The UH System logotypes and seal cannot be used in the promotion of tobacco products, alcoholic beverages or firearms/firecrackers. Communications, marketing and promotional items containing references to tobacco products, alcoholic beverages or firearms/firecrackers will not be approved. All other products will be considered by the University to ensure high quality and a positive representation of the University.

  4. The current UH System brand does not include any taglines, mottos or sayings. Please do not add any taglines, mottos or sayings to UH System logotypes or seal.

  5. All UH System faculty and staff may use the UH System Seal without completing a request form for use on reports, research grant proposals or other business-use documents. However, an Intellectual Property Use Permission form must be completed for seals and logos used on pens, mugs, paperweights and other promotional or gift items. UH System faculty and staff are required to submit art for all advertising and promotional items, especially those bearing any UH System seal, for Brand Review. Students must request permission to use the UH System Seal on anything outside of routine schoolwork. Even if they have permission, they are also required to submit art for all advertising and promotional items bearing any UH System logo for UH Brand Review.

  6. Anyone not employed by the UH System who would like to use UH system logotypes and seals for non-commercial purposes should also complete the Intellectual Property Use Permission form. This permission prevents them from being fined for license/trademark infringement. The form should be submitted to the AVC/AVP of Marketing & Communication at University of Houston, 125 E. Cullen, Houston, Texas 77204-2046 (UH mailcode 2046) or fax 713-743-8185 or scanned and emailed to branding@uh.edu. Download a PDF of the Intellectual Property Use Permission Form. Anyone who is not employed by the University of Houston System or who does not have permission and wishes to use any UH System logo or mark on items they plan to sell should contact Learfield Licensing Group at 616-395-0676.

  7. Digital copies of the UH System logotypes and seal are available in digital format from UH Marketing & Communication and can be obtained at branding@uh.edu. UH Marketing & Communication reserves the right to review and approve any and all uses of UH System seal and logos. Please submit all advertising, communications and promotional pieces to the UH Brand Review process by emailing branding@uh.edu.

  8. If you have any questions about the UH System logotypes and seal, please contact UH Marketing & Communication at 713-743-8863.