Policies & Procedures

When to use the UHS brand

UH System branding is used to represent the UH System, especially by the Board of Regent’s Office, UH System Chancellor’s office, any other departments or offices that officially serve the UH system and dual offices and individual titles.

UH Brand Review

All advertising and communication pieces branded with UH System branding are subject to the UH Brand Review process and should be submitted for review and approval before being finalized. Please visit the UH Brand Review section of the UH Graphic Standards to learn more about UH Brand Review.

Logo Licensing

The University of Houston and University of Houston System partner with the Learfield Licensing Group to ensure that all names and trademarks (including any logos, symbol, nickname, abbreviation, mascot and slogan that are associated with the UH System) are used in an appropriate manner. Any business or individual that would like to sell a product using the UH System’s name or trademarks will need a license. Visit Licensing and Trademarks to learn more.

Image and Signature of Chancellor/President

Any time that the image, likeness, or signature of the University of Houston System Chancellor and University of Houston President is used in any printed (brochure, magazine advertisement, poster, etc.) or electronic (e-mail, web ad, etc.) promotional piece, the final mock-up of that piece must be approved by the Associate Vice President of Marketing & Communication or his/her designee. Please visit the UH Graphic standards to learn more.

Older UH System Logos

After many years of University of Houston System history, there is an abundance of older logos from past versions of the UH System brand and the branding campaigns of its constituent universities and teaching centers. Although past logos and other symbols are treasured reminders of our rich heritage, they should not be used any longer. As legally protected marks, older UH System logos should not be manipulated, modified or appended in any way. They may NOT be placed next to or combined with any other text, image, UH Logo or any other organization’s logo.

It is important to only use the current UH brand and approved logos so we can continue to build a unified brand for the University and solidify its image as a Tier One university. Please contact branding@uh.edu with information about your project and why it may be an exceptional use of an older logo.