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The University of Houston-Victoria offers students the ability to complete their degree online with undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs across several disciplines.

For a complete list of all online program options, see list below.

U Undergraduate Degree Completion Programs
G Graduate Degree Programs
C Certificate Programs/Certifications

School of Arts and Sciences

  1. Applied Arts and Sciences - Communication (B.A.A.S.)
  2. Applied Arts and Sciences - General Business (B.A.A.S.)
  3. Applied Arts and Sciences - Legal Assistance and Administration (B.A.A.S.)
  4. Applied Arts and Sciences - Marketing (B.A.A.S.)
  5. Applied Arts and Sciences - Psychology (B.A.A.S.)
  6. Communication (B.A.)
  7. Communication (B.S.)
  8. Computer Information Systems (M.S.)
  9. Creative Writing (M.F.A.)
  10. Criminal Justice (B.S.)
  11. Humanities - Creative Writing (B.A.)
  12. Humanities - English (B.A.)
  13. Humanities - History (B.A.)
  14. Interdisciplinary Studies (M.A.I.S.)
  15. Psychology (B.A.)
  16. Psychology (B.S.)
  17. Publishing (M.S.)

School of Business Administration

  1. Bridge Global (M.B.A.)
  2. Bridge Strategic (M.B.A.)
  3. Business Administration - Healthcare Administration (B.B.A.)
  4. Business Administration - Management (B.B.A.)
  5. Business Administration - Supply Chain Management (B.B.A.)
  6. Economic Development and Entrepreneurship (M.S.)
  7. Finance (B.B.A.)
  8. General Business (B.B.A.)
  9. Global (M.B.A.)
  10. Marketing (B.B.A.)
  11. Strategic (M.B.A.)

School of Education, Health Professions & Human Development

  1. Adult and Higher Education (M.Ed.)
  2. Curriculum and Instruction - Educational Technology (M.Ed.)
  3. Curriculum and Instruction - Elementary Education (M.Ed.)
  4. Curriculum and Instruction - Literacy Studies (M.Ed.)
  5. Educational Leadership - Administration and Supervision (Superintendent Certification)
  6. Master Reading Teacher Certification
  7. RN to BSN (B.S.N.)
  8. Reading Specialist Certification
  9. Special Education (M.Ed.)
  10. Special Education - Applied Behavioral Analysis (M.Ed.)
  11. Special Education - Autism Spectrum Disorders (M.Ed.)
  12. Victoria Online Initial Certification for Educators (Post-baccalaureate)

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