University of Houston Downtown Mission and Goals

UH-Downtown Mission

The University of Houston-Downtown is a comprehensive four-year university offering bachelor's and selected master's degree programs and providing strong academic and career preparation as well as life-long learning opportunities.  Located in the heart of the city, the University reflects the diversity of the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area and, through its academic programs, engages with the community to address the needs and advance the development of the region.  UHD is an inclusive community dedicated to integrating teaching, service, and scholarly research to develop students' talents and prepare them for success in a dynamic global society.

UH-Downtown Goals

1. Helping Students Succeed
A top priority for UHD must be to re-examine what it means for students to be successful in today's educational, professional, and community environments.  The plan's recommended strategies and actions revolve around the notion of engagement, both internally and externally.  It is advantageous to the student, the institution and the community when students are encouraged to build relationships with those entities.

2. Supporting Faculty and Staff
Because of the critical role faculty and staff play, the plan included a number of measures aimed at strengthening and nurturing those bodies.  The spirit of the plan calls for investing in a culture of professional and personal development in which well-qualified and diverse faculty and staff will thrive and therefore contribute to student and institutional success.

3. Building a Campus Community
UHD has always prided itself on being a close-knit community.  That concept has been challenged as the university has grown in enrollments, buildings and teaching locations.  Significant effort has gone into providing additional space for UHD's growing student body.  With the addition of the Shea Street Building in 2007, UHD has been recognized as a force in helping to reshape and revitalize Downtown Houston's north end.  One challenge will be to maintain UHD's small campus feel and continue to function as a true campus community and not as a disconnected collection of teaching sites.

4. Strengthening Community Relations
At no time in history has it been more critical for universities to be recognized as partners within their communities. It is important for UHD to inform the community about what it can offer in the way of professional and cultural resources, along with workforce development.  It is equally important for the university to continue to build strategic alliances that will position its graduates well for their transition from being successful members of the university community to being successful members of the larger community.